Our Church Council

Our Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for discerning the vision for life at Holy Redeemer and for working then to organise and administer the work we share together to achieve this.  There are currently 2 vacancies for PCC members and a vacancy for a Deanery Syod Representative who would also serve on the PCC.  If you would like to know more about serving as a PCC Trustee please ask any member of the council for more information.

Our Vision is to be...‘A Place to Connect’
and we believe that this can become a reality by being a Church that is all about... 'Finding, exploring, sharing and celebrating together God’s love as seen in Jesus Christ.'

In practice this means that...
in finding God’s love, together we will:
- open our hearts and minds to see God at work in us and around us
- welcome all who are seeking to know God’s love
- give thanks as we see God at work

in exploring God’s love, together we will:
- be open to learn from the bible, our worship, teaching and prayers and the traditions and experiences of the wider church
- allow ourselves to know God’s will for our lives and how to live them
- test out our faith by putting it into action

in sharing God’s love, together we will:
- value and serve each other
- reach out to neighbours in need
- demonstrate His love through pastoral care
- be a willing witness to our faith
- help God’s Kingdom to grow within us, among us and around us

in celebrating God’s love, together we will:
- spend time in thanks and praise
- share our experience of God at work in our lives
- invite, encourage and welcome others to join us.

In helping to make this Vision a reality for all who belong to Holy Redeemer...
The Fabric and Finance Team: takes the lead role in issues relating to the finance of our activities and maintaining the fabric of the Church and Church Hall to make them fit for purpose. Members of the Team for 2019-2020 are Helen Ashby, Guy Baragwanath (Treasurer), Tim Bell, Paul Ellis, the Rev'd Tony Hand, Ken Parkin (Churchwarden), Becky Philpott (Churchwarden), and Rob Philpott.

The Church Family Team: takes the lead role in promoting and encouraging the social and relational life of the Church Family. The members of the Team for 2019-2020 are Lynn Davies, Rachel Hand, Ken Parkin and Matthew Parkin.

The Worship and Mission Team: takes the lead role in working to enrich our spiritual life, shaping our worship life and planning and implementing our strategy for mission. The members of the Team for 2018-2019 are Lynn Davies, Rachel Hand, Ken Parkin and Matthew Parkin.

Our Church Family and Worship and Mission teams are currently working together until vacancies on the PCC are filled.

Our representatives in the Deanery of York are:  Mrs Stacey-Ann Potter and the Rev'd Tony Hand.

When needed the PCC's Standing Committee meets. Members of the Standing Committee for 2019-2020 include Guy Baragwanath (Treasurer), the Rev'd Tony Hand, Becky Philpott (churchwarden), Ken Parkin (churchwarden), and one other representative as available from our PCC Teams.


Wednesday 16th January

Wednesday 20th March

Annual Church Meetings - Sunday 7th April

Wednesday 17th May

Wednesday 17th July

Wednesday 18th September

Wednesday 20th November

December - Annual Review of the Year.


Meetings of the whole PCC will usually be at 7.00pm on the third Wednesday of the month as detailed above.

You can contact the PCC via our contact form.

Alternatively, church members can obtain the contact details for PCC members from our Church address book.