How to Support Us

Our budget includes the cost of our ministry and the running, care and maintenance of our Church and Hall Buildings. For 2018 our budget has set us the task of raising around £75,000.

Most income comes via giving by our Church members and through the hire of our Hall.

If you would like to make a regular contribution to support our work, you can do this via a Standing Order payment from your bank or by joining our Stewardship Programme weekly envelope scheme. In either case, giving by 'Gift Aid' can be used to increase what you give. Please contact Guy our Treasurer for more details. Or speak to any of our Staff or welcomers at our Sunday services.

It’s now possible to give by Text to support our mission and ministry at Holy Redeemer. Giving by Text offers a great way to make a small donation at any time through your mobile phone and we will be making this available in particular for those visiting Holy Redeemer, attending occasional services and activities in the Church and Hall. It also offers the option to Gift Aid – which is good news to anyone who can give this way. Text HOLY34 followed by a space and then £1 £2 £3 £4 £5 or £10 to 70070